Service Charged Per Hour

Minimum Charge Per Gun$10.00
Written Appraisals, Cost Estimates$25.00
Detailed Cleaning - Completely stripping your firearm, cleaning all parts, checking for wear or broken parts, and making suggestions of services needed to put it in A-1 condition. Price is based on the complexity of the firearm.$40.00 to $80.00

Metal Finishing - May vary based on type of firearm. Ask for detailed information & other types of finishes.

If the firearm finishing is sent to an outside shop, and the price is subject to change based upon the shop charges.  
It is recommended that a quote be requested in advance. 
Cerakote, Dura Coat, Teflon, Gun-Kote & Cold Bluing Disassemble & Reassemble Firearm - This is based on time, 
some firearms will cost more some will cost less, this is the average cost.$175.00

Sight Work

Sight In Pistol- Does not include cost of ammo or targets (Hourly Rate)
Sight In Rifle - Does not include cost of ammo or targets $50.00 + (Hourly Rate)
Bore Sight$35.00
Pattern Shotgun - Does not include cost of ammo or targets (Hourly Rate)
Drill & Tap Shotgun Receiver For Scope Base on most shotguns ( Per Hole )$15.00
Drill, Tap, Mount Scope & Bore Sight on most shotguns ( scope base not included )$55.00
Install Sight Ramps$25.00
Install Front Or Mid Rib Sight Bead On Shotgun$20.00
Scope Mounting - Includes mounting, Truing Rings, Checking Scope, & Bore Sighting$50.00
Replace Stock Iron Sights$35.00 + Parts

General Firearm Work

Function Test Fire Firearm – Price is for this service only. Otherwise, this service is automatically included 
with any other work performed.$10.00
Check Firing Pin Protrusion$10.00
Make Chamber Cast$30.00
Remove Fired Case From Chamber (Hourly Rate)
Remove Live Round From Chamber$25.00 + Hourly rate
Remove Obstruction From Bore(Hourly Rate)
Remove Fouling And/Or Leading From BarrelHourly Rate + Materials
Cut & Crown Barrel$55.00
Trigger Job ( Adjustable Trigger )$20.00 + (Hourly Rate)
Trigger Job - Smooth & lighten. Does not include price of spring kits. This price is for most firearms. $55.00
Spring & Parts Replacement(Hourly Rate) + Parts

Shotgun Work

Polish Chamber$10.00
Polish Bore$30.00
Make New Hinge Pin - For break action shotgunsHourly Rate + Materials

Handgun Work

Chamfer Revolver Cylinder$25.00
Revolver Action Job$70.00
Semi-Auto Action Job (Parts are extra)$85.00
Fit Barrel To Semi-Auto (The cost of new barrel is not included) $125.00
Throat, Polish Barrel And Feed Ramp$45.00
Fit New Trigger To Semi-Auto (The cost of the new trigger is not included)$30.00
Fit Custom Hammer To Semi-Auto (The cost of the new hammer is not included)$30.00
Modify 1911 Auto Frame For Beavertail Safety (The cost of the new grip safety or refinishing is not included)$60.00

Stock Work

Standard Finish - Wood is left unfilled$60.00
Deluxe Finish - Wood is filled$90.00
Glass Bedding Barrel And/Or Action$85.00
Pillar Bed$70.00
Install Recoil Pad or Plate – Recoil Pad or Plate additional cost$45.00
Install Adjustable Butt Plate – Butt Plate additional cost$50.00
Install Sling Swivels Studs In Stock – Sling Swivels / Studs additional cost$15.00

Rust Removal

Heavy rust Removal Rifle/Shotgun$75.00
Medium rust Removal Rifle/Shotgun$55.00
Minor rust Removal Rifle/Shotgun$40.00
Heavy Rust Removal Semi-auto/Revolver$55.00
Medium Rust Removal Semi-auto/Revolver$45.00
Minor Rust Removal Semi-auto/Revolver$30.00